My themes

Most caring city

After the pandemic, our most important task is to build Helsinki that is the most caring city. My agenda is Helsinki that supports growth and education and is on the side of the weak and equality.

Specific actions for reconstruction after the pandemic

Families, older people, children and young people, as well as workers in the affected sectors, cultural professionals and companies, need special support. We have many precision support instruments in Helsinki. For example, positive discrimination funding has been used for years in schools to close regional disparities. Funding should be doubled periodically and expanded.

Education is the most effective way to prevent inequality

One of Finland’s most beautiful promises is that a person can become anything, regardless of background. In Helsinki, it means that all schools are good schools and the path to school through kindergarten and pre-school works. I have been pushing the issue of kindergarten that is close to home to be a principal in Helsinki. It should be implemented in the next term.

Sustainable transport by public, walking and cycling

In Helsinki, everyday climate policy includes a dense city and sustainable transport by public, walking and cycling. The movement must be smooth and safe – even for slow movers. Children, young people and the elderly are super users of public transport, walking and cycling. We must implement a safe movement program that takes them into account.

Nature and everyday beauty

We need to keep our neighbourhoods in good condition and cherish nature close to home. When I asked people about specific wishes for policymakers this spring, the majority mentioned nearby nature. The beauty of everyday life – the comfort of home and living environment – is also emphasized.

Peace is built in everyday life

Trust in other people and social peace are created in everyday encounters in schools, hobbies and metro trips. The role of schools is emphasized as a place where children and young people come together. This season, we in City Council accepted the initiative I took for free travel on public transport for elementary school students during school days to make the whole city familiar to everyone. A safe and familiar everyday life is a prerequisite for social peace.

About me

A decision-maker

As a decision-maker, I have worked as a Member of Parliament and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and in my current job in the Ministry of Transport and Communications. I have been a member of the City Council since 2012. As a decision-maker, I cherish and demand researched knowledge, fairness and the ability to cooperate.


Together with the University of Helsinki, we founded the international HEI Schools start-up company in 2015. The aim is to make Finnish kindergarten and child-centered early childhood education available to the world’s children.

Education and peace activist

I work on issues of education and peace in Finland and around the world. My most important hobby is the United World College, which we founded in the city of Mostar after the war.

Researcher, teacher and nonfiction writer

I have worked as a journalist, university teacher and researcher. 2020 I was elected as Docent of the Year at the University of Helsinki.

Mom of three from Helsinki

I moved to Helsinki in 1995. I have also lived in Italy, Bosnia and Nepal. My favorite things in Helsinki are the Oodi Library, the ski trails of Paloheinä and Keskuspuisto, the Music Hall, the seashores, the football courts, Kisahalli, the cliffs of Pihlajasaari, Baana and the metro.

I am married with three children.